Up the River - Explore & Discover the New Zealand's Rivers, Lakes & Wetlands

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Explore the creeks, rivers, lakes and wetlands around N.Z. and discover the animals and plants that live in freshwater habitats.

Included in this title are creatures ranging from the familiar pukeko to the rarely seen bittern, from the iconic eel to tiny whitebait, and some of the many barely known aquatic insects.

Today swimmable and drinkable fresh water are hot topics, and Up the River shows that many native animals depend on healthy waterways for a habitat, and their presence is often used as a sign of the water’s health.

Beautifully illustrated and impeccably researched, this is a wonderful and intriguing way for children to learn about New Zealand’s freshwater environments.  This is one of several of the great award winning children's books written by Gillian Candler and illustrated by Ned Barraud.

Suited for children 5-8 years old, but will appeal for anyone curious about New Zealand’s natural environment.