Silicone Send Back

We have partnered with Munch in Wellington to help reduce and recycle food grade silicone.

Send back silicone products that are no longer of use and they will repurpose them. We will take any brand of silicone. Silicone Send Back is the first post-consumer silicone repurposing project in the Southern Hemisphere.

At Munch and Presence on Harbour, we are committed to offering products that don't end up in landfill. Munch believe in leaving no waste from their products, trying their best to design and make products that last (or that are made with biodegradable materials) and then put in place systems to enable products to be reused and recycled when they are worn out.

Munch have set up a pilot project to get the Silicone Send Back repurposing started. They're working with a processor and expert scientist to test the silicone - as it is an advanced material! Then will start working with local designers and artists to turn unwanted silicone into cool new designs here NZ.

You can drop off any food grade silicone products to us at Presence on Harbour and we'll send it to them or you can send it direct to their Wellington Showroom.

Let's work together to reduce waste in Aotearoa!