Rose Tinted Glasses Print

Rose Tinted Glasses Print by Hamish Allen

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Rose Tinted Glasses - both are great Kiwi memories!  This is my favourite, but then this is just like my VW Beetle, Ruby!

Hamish Allen lives and works in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his partner and two children.

Clean precise imagery characterises his work, often depicting stylised New Zealand landscapes and often has iconic architecture too.

Hamish endeavours to portray the relationship between the landscape and human intervention in a contemporary manner and is fond of looking through his rose tinted glasses at times gone by, often giving a feeling of space and a sense of the serene created by leaving out unnecessary imagery to create a stripped back essential image.

This print comes with a pre-matted surround measuring 35 x 27.5cm.  The picture is 18 x 18cm.  Leaving you to frame as you wish.