Roots & Wings Print by Angie Dennis - 2022 Collection

Roots & Wings - Print by Angie Dennis

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Roots & Wings is one of 4 prints from Angie's 2022 range of paintings.  The others are - Wherever You Go, Just Breathe & Most Cherished.

Here at Presence on Harbour, we are always excited to see what Angie Dennis will paint for her next collection of art prints, they make a wonderful gift or a present for yourself.

These artworks from Angie Dennis for 2022 incorporate some familiar elements, however with a slight surrealist lilt inspired by the Belgian artist - Rene Magritte. The windows are prominent features in many creating a sense on contemplation and space.  The birds are the storytellers and the flowers all have their own meanings.

Words from Angie -

"It always fascinates me how each person can interpret artwork in a different way, with this knowledge my artwork aims to inspire you the viewer and I hop you find a personal connection with one or more of my creations!"

"I’m an avid listener of podcasts when I’m creating!  I came across this saying listening to a show about raising your children.  As I watch my teenagers become more and more independent each day the saying resonated so much with me.  You provide your children roots to grow and wings to fly.  The fantail is flying out of the window but remains tied to its home, the roots through the foliage, the Lilies represent love and compassion."

These 4 pieces for 2022 ?

Print Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm) unframed.

Angie’s prints are produced to the highest quality, using UV light fast inks and printed on 300gsm bright white cotton rag-based water-resistant textured matte acid free paper for the open editions, of which this is from.

Established Auckland artist Angie Dennis has been painting professionally since 2002. Angie studied environmental science which perhaps explains her love for preserving flora and fauna in her artworks.

Angie is continually inspired by the unique landscape of New Zealand and is constantly pushing boundaries on how she sees life in her new found home.