The Longest Drink  in Town- Set of 4 cups

The Longest Drink in Town- Set of 4 cups

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A piece of Kiwiana - this set of 4 milkshake cups will bring back memories.  Reusable, or no waste to landfill.

Long days, hot sun, catching waves, splish splash, warm breeze, sandy toes, bubbling tar seal, flip flop jandal feet, slurp, sip, gulp....

Summer - and milkshakes from the humble corner dairy - wouldn't be the same without the friendly giraffe who smiles from the side of every Longest Drink in Town cup.

From Kataia to BLuff this enduring kiwi icon continues to charm young and old alike.

For more than 40 years this icon has graced the sides of over 120 million cups - now you can enjoy the Longest Drink in Town even longer in these souvenir reusable cups.

Great for the younger kiwis in the family or just take a trip down memory lane!