Ko Hea rāua ko Book

Ko Hea rāua ko Book

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This is the Te Reo language edition of Ko Hea rāua ko Ruru: He Takitaro Mārire.

This is the story of Hare, who struggles with an un-named mental malady self described as ‘noise’. Noise could be runaway thoughts, voices in Hare’s head, or loud feelings and general anxiety. Hare goes on a journey to try and find a solution. Just when Hare thinks there’s no hope a friend, Ruru, flies calmly down and gives a suggestion.

Hare ultimately feels better after doing three things:
• Talking to someone
• Focusing on breathing
• Connecting to nature

This gentle story is for anybody who suffers from noises, anxiety or loud feelings.


TITLE: Ko Hea rāua ko Ruru : He Takitaro Mārire
AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: Laura Shallcrass
TRANSLATOR: Ngaere Roberts
SIZE: 205 x 290, 36 pages
PUBLISHER: Beatnik Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9951180-6-5