Kiwi Car Bingo - Game

Kiwi Car Bingo - Game

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This travel game is great for younger kids, and it’s been specially designed to work with things you see on a typical New Zealand road trip.

A simple game for players of all ages. Bingo is easy, and everyone knows how it works.

Now everyone in your vehicle can play Kiwi Car Bingo to help make the longest journey fun.

It keeps the kids occupied, and who knows, even the adults in the car might enjoy themselves too.

Who can spot a tractor first?

Meet the Keen Family - Chris, Brenda, William and Samuel.

They are a typical Kiwi family that have designed a range of games to entertain your family on those long car trips driving around our beautiful New Zealand.

They are a very normal family from Upper Hutt, Wellington who love to travel around New Zealand in the summertime to visit family and friends and explore new places.

Two summers ago they started work on our car bingo and car cricket games, then last year they developed the games and tested them on a trip to Dunedin and back.  They think these games are great fun and hope everyone enjoys them as much as they do.

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us by purchasing this car game and we hope you have as much fun exploring New Zealand as the Keen family do.