In the Bush - Explore & Discover the New Zealand's Native Forests

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Explore the forest floor, the tangled under storey ad the high-up forest canopy and discover the native animals and plants that live in sanctuaries and New Zealand's bush.


Young readers will be fascinated to learn more about familiar creatures as well as discover other intriguing plants and animals and see how they relate to each other in the forest ecosystem.

Also, learn about the pests and other dangers to our native wildlife and catch a glimpse of animals and plants that thrive in wildlife sanctuaries, including: insects and other invertebrates, fungi, ferns and mosses, birds, bats, introduced pests, vines, epiphytes and the trees.

Beautifully illustrated and impeccably researched, this is a wonderful and intriguing way for children to learn about New Zealand’s freshwater environments.  This is one of several of the great award winning children's books written by Gillian Candler and illustrated by Ned Barraud.

Suited for pre-schoolers up, but will appeal for anyone curious about New Zealand’s natural environment.