Granny Wars Board Game

Granny Wars Board Game

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A solid seller since its 2013 debut, Granny Wars is a card game of hidden loyalty, bluffing, nana naps and other senior tricks. Your nana always wins the town's crafting competition but with new rivals on the scene, she'll need your subtle boosts while slowing down the competition. But it wouldn't be sporting to be too obvious with your favouritism and besides, if the other players guess who your granny is, they will send long-winded politicians and unruly dogs to stitch her up.

Players:  2 - 8
Age: 7+
Time: 20 minutes

Granny Wars: A Game of Tit for Tat is a fast-playing card game of secret identities. For 2 to 8 players, and all ages from 7 up to 107

Do you have the balls… of wool … 
to keep your Granny at the top of her game?
Or will you be needled and stitched up by the other players?

Your Granny's position as the town's top handicrafter is threatened by upstart contenders from a new retirement community. Your task is to try to help her, while distracting and sabotaging her competitors – but if you don't keep your loyalty hidden, the other players will definitely stitch you up!