Getting Lost Game - Winter Edition - add on

Getting Lost Game - Kiwi Winter

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The Getting Lost Game is the best way to explore your backyard and beyond!  Ever wondered what you're going to do this weekend or holiday, well 'Getting Lost' is here to change all that!

This Winter Edition is all about getting you inspired when you are out and about exploring this NZ Winter.  The Winter Edition has loads of the things we all did on Winter Road Trips when we were young like building dams, jumping in puddles, collecting treasure and heading for the patch of blue sky, get nostalgic and cosy this season in New Zealand.

The Winter Edition is designed as an add on to an existing Getting Lost Game but could be combined with the Booster Pack for a shorter version of the game

Also, great to add to the Adventurer's pack for more wonderful adventures in our beautiful land of Aotearoa.