Framed Manaia Wall Art

Framed Maori Wall Art - Te Mania

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These Framed Wall Art pictures, feature a contemporary representation of 4 designs of Maori Art - Fish Hook, Wheku, Manaia and Tiki.  They are crafted from plantation grown gaboon using laser technology. Offering super fine detail and Paua inlay and are mounted on a lightly toned koru background inside a custom glass covered shadow box frame with related story to back.

It is important to note that the figures in Maori carving, with rare exceptions, are not religious, but secular.  They do not represent idols, but renowned ancestors (tipuna) of the tribe.

The Matau or Fish Hook represents strength, prosperity, abundance, fertility and respect for the sea  It is regarded as a symbol of power and authority bringing good luck and safety when travelling over water.

Te Manaia meaning Guardian Spirit, is important to Maori.  During life they are protectors from evil and accident.  At death they guide the spirit of the departed home to their ancestors.  Te Manaia is said to protect one from evil.

The Tiki is commonly known as a good luck charm, this Maori design is considered a symbol of fertility. The Tiki is a talisman of New Zealand and her Maori people. From ancient times it has been regarded as a good luck charm. It is widely believed that it represents the unborn human embryo. And in Maori culture this represents a particularly powerful spirit for warding off bad luck.

(Overall size 126mm x 161mm x 26mm)