Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

Wow, it's that time of the year to get out and explore New Zealand, especially by bike, spring has arrived and summer's not too far off to plan ahead!

Did you know we are at the end of the A2O Cycle Trail, you cycle right passed the gift shop in Harbour Street, about 300m from the finish?  Start at Mount Cook or Tekapo, ride through the McKenzie district and down the Waitaki Valley and into Ōamaru.

We are partners of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and offer tee shirts, drink bottles and other souvenirs to remind you of your journey.  We are not your usual gift store, you need to see for yourself, it'll be time to have a treat.

I've ridden it under my own steam and it's a great feeling and achievement reaching the end.  Then, you definitely need to relax with some retail therapy and try several of the cafes and restaurants here in town, don't dash away, spend some time to unwind.....