Piwakawaka inspired Aromastone

NZ Nature Piwakawaka Aromastone by Living Light

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NZ Fragrance Aromastones made in Golden Bay, New Zealand, they can atomise your car, caravan. wardrobe, office or any other small space.

Hang in your desired location, choose from Kotare (Kingfisher), Piwakawaka (Fantail), Ponga (Tree Fern), Pohutakawa (NZ Christmas Tree), Tawhai (Beech Forest) or Tui (Parson Bird).

There are 6 available fragrances that will remind you of New Zealand!

Kotare - melon, coconut and sandalwood

Piwakawaka - jasmine, citrus and pomegranate

Ponga - juniper berry, cypress and citrus blossom

Pohutakawa - redcurrant, citrus and spice

Tawhai - smoky wood and amber

Tui - sparkling apple, strawberry and cassis

Note: atomiser is sold separately.