Kiwi Armour - Print by Tara Cassidy

Kiwi Armour Print by Tara Cassidy

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Tara Cassidy has thought about our precious native wildlife and how vulnerable they are, Kiwi Armour is the follow on from Oil Chic, the Little Blue Penguin with a jumper.

She has looked at them in this abstract and slightly absurd world, imaging what alterations could we give them to equip them for their new challenges?  They have evolved in relatively predator-free isolation for millions of years before the arrival of us, modern people!

Tara says - "The title, Kiwiarmour, is a play on the colloquial term “kiwiana,” used to describe the quirky items and traditions that define common modern New Zealand culture.

As the kiwi is a treasured national icon, I also see this drawing as representing the protection of all that is precious and unique about the people and history of Aotearoa."

Media: Fine Art Print Signed by Tara Cassidy

Print Size: A4 (210 x 297mm) with a Matt & Foam surround, ready for you to choose a frame to suit your home.