Icicle Candles by Living Light

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Handmade with natural plant and NZ beeswax, the crystalline structure of these sculptural candles develops a lace like pattern as it burns.

This unique candle not only smells amazing but also changes form as the melted wax drips down it's sides, creating an icicle effect.

Note: these candles need to be placed on a large burning plate to catch the dripping wax.

Available in 2 sizes - small and medium, in the following 12 colours and scents -

White - Pinot Noir, Aqua - Ocean Sage, Green - Lemongrass, Plum - Wild Plum, Blush - Passion & Guava, Dark Blue - Night Bloom, Oatmeal - Vanilla, Gold - Champagne & Cassis, Orange - Amber, Red - Pohutukawa, Dark Red - Red Currant & Black - Sandalwood

These can be presented in a box if needed at a $3.00 cost.