Out of Town Add On Edition

Getting Lost Game - Out of Town Add On Edition

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The Getting Lost Game is the best way to explore your backyard within New Zealand and beyond!  Ever wondered what you're going to do this weekend or holiday, well 'Getting Lost' is here to change all that!

It's a Kiwi Invention that’s made right here in NZ and this add on of the Out of Town, has 15 misdirection cards specially for when you're not in our towns or cities. 

These cards are designed for a few laughs as well as inspiration you’ll find cards like “Cow – go left, Sheep – go right”.  Plus there are added a twists to your favourite cards – Stop for a treat is now Stop for a treat at the next dairy with a Tip Top sign and Head for Home is now Head for home after you see a tractor.

The Out of Town Edition is designed as an add on to an existing Getting Lost Game but could be used as a very short version of the game as a stand alone or added to a Booster Pack for a full game.  We recommend for maximum adventure though you use it as a booster.

Yes, it's great to add to the Adventurer's Pack for more wonderful adventures in our beautiful land of Aotearoa.