Getting Lost Game - The Standard Edition

Getting Lost Game - Standard Edition

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The Getting Lost Game is the best way to explore your backyard and beyond!  Ever wondered what you're going to do this weekend or holiday, well 'Getting Lost' is here to change all that!

It's a Kiwi Invention that’s made right here in NZ and consists of 26 misdirection cards (things like turn left, turn right, head in the direction the wind is blowing, follow a blue car).

This game is purposefully offline and comes in a cute plant based plastic suitcase so an adventure is always close at hand.

Time to switch off the technology and get back to exploring the way we used to do.

We recommend you start out with the Standard or Adventure Editions, it's got everything you need to start adventuring and exploring in a more spontaneous, unscripted way.  The standard pack being your cheapest option.

The Getting Lost Games help you find the real hidden gems – the ones you won’t find in the guide books or in search – and supports those small businesses along the way.  

It’s a great way to see more of the country (or even just your own backyard).

It’s the perfect companion on holidays, weekend road trips, or even just a different way home from school.  Give it a go today, what are you waiting for!